Credit Unions

Credit unions have undergone their fair share of challenges in the last ten years. As the credit union movement continues to change and grow-and regulatory scrutiny increases-credit unions will need to redesign and/or implement new business processes, systems, risk management and internal control procedures and reporting tools to stay ahead and survive in today's highly competitive marketplace. The NCUA continues to enhance and expand the scope of its examination programs and recommend more industry best practices as it relates to managing and monitoring of risk (e.g., Enterprise Risk Management).

At Accume Partners, governance, risk, audit and compliance is our business.  Our professionals have a deep understanding of the credit union movement, its operations and complex regulatory requirements, as well as its products and services. We know that while credit unions have similarities, each credit union has its own culture and unique challenges. Our culture fosters collaboration, so we will combine our knowledge of credit unions and specialist skills to offer you thought leadership and problem solving across all of our service offerings.