Accume Partners Acquires Aporia Solutions

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Accume Partners Acquires Aporia Solutions
Acquisition strengthens market position and technology audit capabilities

New York, NY, March 20, 2017 - Accume Partners, a leading provider of audit, technology, compliance, enterprise risk, and cybersecurity services principally to the banking and financial services industry, today announced the acquisition of Aporia Solutions, a leading provider of technology and information system auditing and cybersecurity services.  Accume Partners is recognized for being the largest independent provider of such services to banks and financial institutions nationally, and the addition of Aporia Solutions sets the foundation for continued growth and innovation in serving the ever changing needs of its clients.  Managing Partners Kjerstin Barley and Matt Stander will join the leadership team of Accume Partners continuing to provide excellent service to the existing Aporia Solutions clients.

This is Accume Partners' second acquisition in the technology and cybersecurity space in 18 months.  The newly acquired firm brings a team of professionals that is amongst the most experienced in the industry and focuses on banking and financial services clients.

Kjerstin Barley, Managing Partner of Aporia Solutions, said, "We are thrilled to be teaming with Accume Partners. Their experience in serving the needs of clients, and track record for growth and innovation in meeting those needs, provides an important continuation of our existing strategic direction.  We look forward to continuing our path of excellence and innovation in serving the needs of our existing clients as well as contributing to the future of Accume Partners."

"With this combination, clients can expect continued commitment to the service excellence Aporia Solutions has delivered for years with an increased range of audit and compliance services, delivered by a firm with a 23 year legacy of high quality service and an unrivalled reputation." said Matt Stander, Managing Partner of Aporia Solutions.

About Aporia Solutions

Formed in 2001 and headquartered in Houston, Aporia Solutions provides audits and assessments in the areas of technology, information systems and cybersecurity principally to banks and credit unions in the South and Central United States.

Since its inception, Aporia Solutions has focused on providing clients with peace of mind knowing that their systems are protected, the institution will be confident and prepared for the next IT exam, and that there are no surprises for management regarding policies and procedures.  Aporia Solutions offers a unique combination of technical expertise, audit proficiency, and banking experience.

About Accume Partners

Accume Partners is the largest independent national provider of internal audit, technology risk, regulatory compliance, enterprise risk, and cybersecurity services to the banking and financial services industry.

Through these key areas of focus, Accume Partners is able to remain at the forefront of changing needs and regulations of its clients, bring balanced perspectives and the specialized knowledge necessary to serve today's complex businesses and organizations.