Community Resilience Panel (CRP), a President's Panel Sponsored by NIST

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As supported by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and other federal agencies, pursuant to the White House Climate Action Plan of 2013, the Community Resilience Panel for Buildings and Infrastructure Systems (Panel) is a forum to achieve broad stakeholder collaboration and consensus around goals and actions needed to achieve community resilience and for those communities to derive benefits from that improved resilience. The Panel engages and connects stakeholders by creating a process to encourage and support community resilience and raise awareness of dependencies among buildings and infrastructure systems and the social systems they support.

A company's resilience, or as is commonly called known as "Business Continuity" compliance, has become a key strategy for the banking and financial community. Robert Ashcraft of Accume Partners, is not only a member of CRP, but also has been elected to a two year term as the Stakeholder representing the Building and Facilities committee for the Coordinating Committee. Robert's representation on the Panel brings Accume Partners a wealth of knowledge and alignment with the various government agencies to assist companies to be resilience. Robert attended and presented at the fourth Community Resilience Panel meeting that took place on March 9-10, 2017 in Coral Gables, FL. The meeting was sponsored by Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP, and hosted by the University of Miami. The presentations during the plenary sessions included:

•Dr. Hal Wanless, Professor, University of Miami, College of Arts and Sciences: Topic - An Introduction to South Florida - Planning for Accelerating Sea Level Rise through this Century and Beyond

•Dr. Jennifer Jurado, Chief Resilient Office, Broward County: Topic - Local and Regional Resilience Planning

•Douglas Yoder, Deputy Director, Miami-Dade County: Topic - Resiliency in the Eye of the Storm

•Margarita Wells, Acting Environment & Sustainability Director, City of Miami Beach: Topic - Miami Beach Rising Above - Making Miami Beach's Community & Physical Infrastructure Resilient

•David van der Leer, Executive Director: Van Alen Institute: Topic - Community and Physical Infrastructure

•Christina Miskis, Regional Planner, South Florida Regional Planning Council: Topic - Coastal Flooding in South Florida

•Keynote Speaker: Hon. Philip Levine, Mayor City of Miami Beach: Topic - Resilience Planning on Miami Beach

•Jim Murley, Chief Resilient Officer, Miami-Dade County: Topic - Resilience Planning in Miami-Dade County

•Jane Gilbert, Chief Resilient Officer, and Stephanie Tashiro, Deputy Resilience Officer, both of the City of Miami: Topic - Resilience in the City of Miami (Miami is one of the "100 Resilient Cities" in America

•Committee Presentations: Robert Ashcraft, Accume Partners, Representative of Buildings and Facilities: Topic - Resilient Cities, CRP Knowledge Base, Communication and Going Forward

As Accume Partners works with their clients on financial, regulatory and infrastructure requirements, Accume has observed the importance of the Business Continuity climate and the importance to each company's resilience growth. Additionally, Robert's efforts have expanded to working with DHS to coordinate infrastructure resiliency in the Mid-Atlantic region between the cities and business communities. Is your company resilient?

You can obtain more CRP information at:

Bob is a Manager and has over 20 years extensive IT auditing, governance and risk assessment experience in the retail, healthcare, pharmaceutical, university, government, insurance and transportation industries, as well as extensive experience in IT web and LAN-based security for the healthcare, insurance, finance and banking industries. He also has IT experience in enterprise application via architecture, project management, risk and deployment within the mainframe, UNIX, Citrix and Windows enterprise environments. Bob works with clients in the insurance industry providing services, including internal IT audits, Model Audit Rule and advisory services. He has extensive experience in pre- implementation and post-implementation enterprise software reviews.

Bob has authored the security patent "Shipping Master" addressing HIPAA concerns and the web-based, multi-search patented "eDocs Connect" (pre-SharePoint style) for the hospital, university, insurance and financial industries.

Prior to Accume, Bob was an Accenture consultant where he fulfilled the CISO's auditing and project management duties for a Top 3 international print firm's digital pen project with Geisinger. Bob was also a CISO for a security firm, responsible for writing the company's SOX security response, financial Performa's and appropriations bill for DHS, which was approved by the House and Senate. He also served as an Internal Senior Auditor for a $2 billion auto retail firm. Bob provided support for Xerox Corporation projects in deploying diverse workflow processes within enterprise solutions for hospitals (code verification workflow forms), universities, commercial and government accounts with Citrix deployments of applications and intelligent medical process-flow forms. He also designed and implemented the first POS touch screen application for KFC (Pepsico).

He is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified HIPAA Security Professional (CHSP), and is Certified in Governance Enterprise Information Technology (CGEIT) and Certified in Risk Information Systems Control (CRISC). He is a graduate of Kutztown University (B.S., Business Administration).