Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise risk management involves seeing the organization as a whole, starting at the point of the strategy and governance and throughout execution, including operations, monitoring and reporting. At every step in this process, there exists a wide range of risks that can manifest themselves at any point and in a variety of ways. These risks are inextricably linked in complicated relationships and can have profound impact on earnings and capital if they are not properly managed.

A Portfolio View of Risk

An enterprise-wide risk management program ensures that risk of all types is actively identified, assessed and managed throughout all parts of the organization. Accume's goal for enterprise risk management is to provide the tools, methods and training for aligning risk with strategy and risk appetite in order to preserve capital and maximize shareholder return. Our approach involves engagement with staff and senior management, use of our comprehensive ERM framework, intuitive risk assessment methods and clear and actionable risk reporting.

Our framework is designed to be a tool to identify, assess and actively manage risk of all types, including:

  • Credit risk
  • Interest rate risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Operational risk
  • Compliance risk
  • Market risk
  • Strategic risk
  • Reputation risk

In addition, our services can be tailored to individual organizations depending on the maturity level of their current program. The goal is always to leverage and incorporate existing risk management practices while helping to develop the remaining elements to bring the program up to both regulatory expectations and industry best practices.

Projects Customized for the Client's Needs

Engagements may range in size and scope depending on the needs of the individual organization, but may include:

  • Board and executive level awareness
  • Gap analysis comparing the current program state to industry best practices
  • Project design and implementation
  • Documenting of risk policy and appetite
  • Oversight or direct management of the enterprise-wide risk assessment
  • Assist in developing action plans for further risk mitigation
  • Development of Board and management level ERM reports

We always seek to ensure that an organization's ERM program serves as a powerful management tool for decision making, resource optimization and competitive advantage.