Internal Audit

An important element of any successful and profitable organization is a solid, cost-effective and flexible internal control structure that ensures compliance and mitigates risk. A poorly designed system of internal controls is not only costly and ineffective, but can lead to other quantifiable and non-quantifiable risks. Many organizations lack the diversity of skills and expertise, the leading tools and necessary technology to establish a truly valuable internal audit function efficiently and cost-effectively.

Accume's experienced internal auditors have been dealing directly with the challenges of an ever-changing corporate governance and regulatory landscape. We have been on the frontlines of industry-specific standards and regulations affecting internal audit, IT audit and internal control best practices. Accume Partners can assist you in establishing the most appropriate system of internal controls and provide ongoing testing of these controls to provide assurance they are in place and operating as designed. Accume provides dedicated internal audit resources, from developing an internal audit plan, to assisting and supporting existing internal auditors, to complete outsourcing at the experience and exact level of support you require. The benefit to clients is expert internal audit resources at a fraction of the cost required to internally hire, train and retain staff.

Due to our extensive experience with internal controls, internal audit, IT audit, fraud investigation and working with regulators and external auditors, we understand the impact that your internal control environment can have on growth and profitability. Because of our deep experience in internal audit, our clients benefit from a level of expertise that is often difficult, if not impossible, to duplicate in-house. By leveraging Accume Partners' expertise and experience in internal auditing, clients gain new insights into their organizations, learn new ways of addressing critical challenges and opportunities, realize efficiencies, cost savings and free-up resources to more effectively run and grow their core business.

Accume Partners' Internal Audit services include:

  • Financial
  • Operational
  • Compliance
  • Technology