CRA/HMDA/Fair Lending Services

Accume Partners offers a wide array of CRA/HMDA and Fair Lending services that are tailored by our specialists to prevent problems, detect current issues and address inadequacies.

CRA / HMDA Compliance Services

  • Policy and Procedure Review
  • Assessment Area Review
  • Lending Performance Analysis
    - Home Mortgage
    - Small Business
    - Consumer Loans
  • Community Development Loans Reporting Analysis
  • Qualified Investments, Grants and Donations Analysis
  • Retail Banking and Community Development Services Analysis
  • CRA Technical Component Review
  • CRA Public File Review
  • Branch Requirements Review
  • Exam Remediation
  • Training
  • HMDA & CRA Data Collection & Reporting
    - HMDA & CRA Data Integrity Testing
    - Review Source Documentation to Your Submission File
    - HMDA & CRA Data Preparation
    - Document Errors and Deviations from Policy

Fair Lending Compliance Services

  • Policies and Procedures Review and Development
  • Fair Lending Risk Assessments
  • Comparative File Review
  • Transaction Testing
  • Exam Remediation
  • Training