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Are you prepared for the new NY Cybersecurity Regulations?

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We Create Value for our Clients

At Accume, we create value for our clients by identifying, evaluating, designing or remediating technology processes and controls to help mitigate risks. Our professionals work closely with you, leveraging our proven methodologies, insight and experience to help you achieve your business, financial and risk-management goals. We help our clients evaluate the increasing role that technology plays in supporting various business functions, which allows management to be in a better position to determine the importance and risks associated with the systems, applications and data involved.

Specifically, given the increased number of cyber threats, vulnerabilities and actual security incidents negatively impacting our clients, Accume Partners has established a practice dedicated to the area of Cybersecurity.  In October of 2015, Accume Partners introduced three new service offerings to its clients, addressing their need to validate, test and improve their cybersecurity preparedness and response.  And since the introduction of these solutions, Accume Partners has helped clients across the country improve their resilience and readiness to this continuously changing threat.

Accume Partners' Technology Risk Management Services Include:

Accume Partners' Cybersecurity Services Include:

- Gap Analysis
- Playbook Development
- Threat Intelligence and Collaboration
- SWAT Team Incident Response

  • Cybersecurity Forensic Services

Accume Partners' Security Services Include:


The advisors of Accume Partners are all seasoned professionals.  Our experience covers all areas of executive, operational and risk technology management for organizations of all size.  This experience, combined with Accume's technology risk framework, represents a resource that is unmatched in the industry.